Notion Creator Course

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Learn to Create and Monetize Notion Templates

This is the exact framework for how I went from being a novice in Notion to empowering over 250,000+ users worldwide with Notion templates.

Who am I?

Hello, I'm Easlo, a Notion Certified Ambassador. Over the past two years, I've devoted myself to developing a range of Notion templates. My collection of ready-made solutions has made a significant difference to over 250,000 users worldwide, encompassing students, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups. It's my mission to help others harness the power of Notion and I'm excited to guide you on this journey towards becoming a creator in this growing community.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Getting Started

  • What is Notion?
  • What are Notion templates and why are they in demand?
  • Why Notion community matters?

Module 2: The Full Process

  • Part 1: Learning Notion
  • Part 2: Making your first template
  • Part 3: Building & learning in public
  • Part 4: Publish your template
  • Part 5: Launching your template
  • Part 6: Growing your traffic
  • Part 7: Sell paid template

Module 3: Advanced Tips

  • Boosting your template sales
  • Beyond Notion templates
  • Monetizing your personal brand and audience


Who is this course for?

This course is designed for Notion users or enthusiasts, regardless of their current proficiency level. Whether you're a novice or an expert, if you have a passion for the platform and a drive to help others with Notion, this course is for you.

Additionally, this course provides an opportunity to earn a side income. It not only teaches you how to create and sell templates, but also equips you with knowledge about a creator's journey, including building trust with your audience, differentiating yourself, and ultimately, monetizing your work.

Is it worth $149?

From my 2 years of creating Notion templates, I've distilled my experience and insights into a streamlined course designed to equip and inspire a new wave of creators. This course saves you time and effort and sets you on a path to serve the growing Notion user community, while potentially earning a side income.

How long will it take to start making money?

The timeline for generating income varies depending on your current online influence and your effort. My first earning came from a donation for a free template. If you diligently apply the lessons I share in this course, it's possible to start seeing financial returns within 60 days, while contributing value to the Notion community.

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Notion Creator Course

40 ratings
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