Twitter Growth Playbook

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Grow Your Twitter Audience From Zero

In just over 12 months, my Twitter account grew from 0 to 100,000+ followers. I’ll show you how you can do the same in this playbook.

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Part 1: Choose Your Niche

Everything you need to know to pick a niche.

Part 2: Optimize Your Profile

Learn to set up your profile for credibility.

Part 3: Curate Your Feed

Build a content feed that facilitate growth and inspiration.

Part 4: Twitter Audience Reach

Learn how to reach your first audience when starting from zero.

Part 5: Twitter Engagement

Learn how engagement works on Twitter.

Part 6: Twitter Writing

Learn more about writing content on Twitter.

Part 7: Content Creation Process

Rethink how you create content to produce faster and better.

Part 8: Monetizing Twitter

Learn how you can monetize your audience.

Here's what people are saying:

“This is a very well-structured guide to audience-building on Twitter. Easlo understands what works on the platform and has distilled it in a Notion guide format. Well done!”

Aadit Sheth, Co-founder of Makers Mark

"One of the best Twitter growth guides if you want to take Twitter seriously. Full of actionable tips, a must-buy."

Thibault, Founder of Pony Express

"Easlo has put together an easy-to-implement 101 Twitter growth guide. If you feel like you don't know how to find your voice or where to start, here's your step-by-step plan."

Dave Kline, Owner MGMT

“Easlo understands what works effectively on Twitter, and learning from his lens through his Twitter Mastery course is a great approach to grow your Twitter account smartly.”

Harsh Makadia, Product Development at Maruti Techlabs

"If you're looking to learn how to grow your audience on Twitter, you can't find many better teachers than Easlo. This guide has all the tools, tactics, and frameworks you need to scale a following from scratch.”

Zain Kahn, Marketing Advisor of baraka

“Easlo's Twitter guide is the perfect companion for anyone looking to get started and grow successfully on the platform. It's short, compact, and filled with the knowledge you need to be successful. I wish it had existed when I started my journey on the platform. Highly recommend.”

Justin Welsh, Solopreneur

Here's my story

I know you have seen too many courses on growing on Twitter. But I see my growth journey much different, and my starting line much closer to average people.

You have seen software developers, marketing experts, and startup founders easily build their following because of their expertise and credibility before they start growing their Twitter audience.

It always seems you need to have some sort of leverage to start building an audience.

But my success on Twitter prove otherwise.

I was 19 and just graduated out of high school. I started with 0 tweets, 0 followers, and $0 in revenue, and had no experience or expertise in any field.

In just over a year, I went from 0 to 100,000 followers and made over $100,000 in revenue with Twitter as one of my largest traffic.

I know how hard it is to build an audience from scratch if you don’t know what you’re doing. I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out Twitter when I first started.

But after finding my approach to create better content, get more exposure, and provide more value for my audience, my followers and engagement skyrocketed.

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Twitter Growth Playbook

51 ratings